Matthew Amato

Senior Software Architect

Matt is a founding member of Cesium and the godfather of CZML.

While he has worked on almost every facet of Cesium, Matt is predominantly known for the Entity API and his implementation of KML, GeoJSON, and CZML data sources. He currently leads the development of the to-be-named Cesium content server, which will make it easy for users to upload raw terrain, models, and vector data and interactively create customized mapping applications via the 3D Tiles specification. He is just as much a Cesium user as he is a maintainer and can often be found answering questions on the Cesium forum late into the night. Matt is also a WebGL Insights contributing author and co-wrote the chapter “Getting Serious with JavaScript” with Kevin Ring. He is a graduate of Drexel University’s college of engineering with a BS in Computer Science and has been at AGI for over 15 years.