Using map software was probably not the first thing that came to Svetoslav Batsoev’s mind as he started developing his banner advertising website, The Commercial Planet. Most websites mix site content with ads, which can be quite annoying at times, so a different approach was needed to fit all the ads on a single screen, leaving other website content banner-free. After some weeks of research, it became clear that Cesium was suitable for the project. It is WebGL-based; it has a zoom in/out feature which allows fitting millions of banners on the screen, even megapixel ones; it renders multiresolution images very fast; and it is free.

The Commercial Planet is a virtual planet covered with banner ads. Visitors can upload as many banners as they wish, anywhere on the planet, including spots that are already busy with other ads. Uploading image over an existing one simply replaces it. Uploaded files should be 256×256 pixels PNG images. But no problem if your banner is larger: just cut it into multiple 256×256 px tiles and upload all of them, specifying X and Y coordinates for each one. This way you can upload very large images, even megapixel ones.