Entwine is open source software that organizes massive point cloud collections into 3D Tiles point cloud format. It is designed to handle any size point cloud, from desktop-scale to ones with hundreds of billions of points.

For example, using data collected by the USGS of New York City after Hurricane Sandy, Entwine organized a 4.7 billion points into the 3D Tiles format to visualize the city. The visualization was processed in two hours using Amazon’s 30 core machine.

Entwine also supports conversion and organization for dynamic point cloud web services such as Greyhound. Any format that PDAL can read is supported, and it can read and write a variety of sources, such as S3 and Dropbox. The builds are completely lossless, so no points will be discarded, even for terabyte-scale datasets.

Entwine, PDAL, and Greyhound are developed by Hobu, Inc. See http://cesium.entwine.io for a live example. For more about Entwine and its use of 3D Tiles, see Hobu’s 2016 presentation to the OGC.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2016

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