Geo-Animate is a site for tinkering with maps and exploring history. It is a place to learn, a place to connect with the past and bring history closer.

The site contains animations of historical events, designed to help users better understand their scope. For example, the recitation of the number of soldiers killed in World War I is daunting, but an animation of the time and place of all British Commonwealth graves from 1914 to 1918 can help users better visualize the evolving front of the war.

The newest addition to the site will cover the Battle of Normandy. From June through August 1944, the Allies struggled from the D-Day beaches through the bocage of Normandy before finally breaking through the German lines and liberating much of northern France. While the animation is not complete, users can already explore the British 6th Parachute Division’s movements (tip: on June 6th this division is located northeast of Caen, France).

Originally built on Google Earth, Geo-Animate moved to Cesium because plugins proved too cumbersome for many of the historians using the site. Check out the guest blog post by Erik Hellstedt, creator of Geo-Animate, for more information about his transition from Google Earth to Cesium.

Last updated: Oct 01, 2015