Geopipe automatically reconstructs 3D virtual models of the real world for simulation, games, and architecture. With Geopipe’s ContextSnap tool, users can customize and download 3D models for their own applications using only a web browser. They simply navigate to the desired area, draw a box around it, select the level of detail needed for the application, and download the model in FBX, OBJ, or DAE (COLLADA) file format. Subscribers can visit the in-browser web interface, built on Cesium, to preview, customize, and download 3D models of the real world.

On the backend, Geopipe uses algorithmic approaches including computer vision and machine learning to understand the contents of 2D, 3D, and vector data, and correlate input sensor data into as much semantic information about the world as possible. The ContextSnap frontend uses Cesium’s 3D Tiles features to give customers the ability to pan and zoom through samples of our models. They can visually move over a large geographic area with a low level of detail or zoom in to see greater detail in a smaller area. Because Cesium is written in Javascript, the developers were able to easily extend the app with needed features, such as allowing users to select individual buildings or click to draw boundaries on top of models.

Geopipe turns raw sensor data into semantically rich models so architects can place their models into the context of the world around them, video games can be instantly set in detailed copies of the real world, and autonomous vehicles can be trained in real environments.

Geopipe is an early-stage, venture-backed startup conceived during NYU’s Summer Launchpad program, incubated in Techstars NYC, and supported by the NSF SBIR program and others. Geopipe was founded by Christopher Mitchell, Ph.D. and Thomas Dickerson with the shared vision of making it easy to immerse users in the real world as it exists and could exist, in virtual space.

Last updated: Mar 06, 2018

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