The 3D Taipei website hosts a variety of 3D models that were generated using a cost-effective and time-saving approach developed by Dr. Sun. The 3D models include 300,000+ building models, 200,000+ tree models, 100,000+ road lamp models, and 20,000+ traffic light models. This approach had been applied to the creation of city building models in major cities throughout Taiwan.

The 3D Taipei website had been built on Google Earth (GE) but is now moving to Cesium. To migrate the building models from GE to Cesium, we first convert the models from .dae to .gltf (or .bgltf) using COLLADA2GLTF. The models are then grouped into a set of CZML files according into their geolocation and building volume. We then design a scheme, similar to the region/LOD used in GE, for rendering the models efficiently.

Only the parts of models that appear in the central region of Taipei city are included in the demonstration. Users can change the origin and destination addresses and then press “routing” to start to navigate the virtual 3D Taipei city.