There are many GIS services available to commercial fishermen in Louisiana, but very few can be accessed from mobile devices. WAVE: Waterway Information for Vessels serves to provide mobile access to GIS and emergency information to those fishermen. While many functions in the app will work anywhere in the world, currently WAVE is focused on the Vermillion Bay region in southern Louisiana. The hope is to expand services in the future.

WAVE is a project being developed at Louisiana State University by the LSU Sea Grant College Program in conjunction with the Center for Computation and Technology, released under the LSU MAG (Mobile [App | Art | Action] Group) label. The project was initially funded by the Coastal Sustainability Studio.

When WAVE was just an idea, mobile WebGL support was limited, but mobile Safari was slated to gain WebGL support soon. The developers decided to jump the gun and design a scalable, mobile, web app in order to support many platforms. They chose Cesium as their globe engine due to its own scalability and ability to be adapted and customized. WAVE is currently available on the iOS App Store and as a browser-based web app. Android support is coming soon.

WAVE provides mobile access to online maps and navigational charts, as well as providing limited offline support due to sporadic network availability while on the waterways. WAVE provides typical weather information and services, but also provides the ability to compare current weather conditions with historical storm data for reference and study. Ultimately, these services are meant to make WAVE a general use app such that it will be familiar during storms or other emergencies. WAVE provides contact info and GIS layers from the Department of Natural Resources that may be relevant in emergency situations.

Check out WAVE in your browser.

Last updated: Nov 16, 2015