Alex Greenland used Cesium as the core for the redevlopment of his desktop satellite tracking program AGSatTrack. The latest version of the satellite tracking program has been developed entirley in JavaScript, with a very small php backend to manage satellite data.

Cesium is used to render all of the 3D views in AGSatTrack.

The project is an experiment to see how feasible it is to reproduce desktop quality applications in a browser using modern browser technologies, such as HTML5.

Key Features

  • Supports most mainstream desktop and mobile browsers
  • Supports multiple satellite groups
  • Allows tracking of multiple satellites in any view
  • Supports mutual observers, which allows planning of radio contacts
  • Generates pass predictions
  • Includes plugin architecture for SPM engines
- List View: A table based view - 3D View: A globe view, using Cesium - Passes View: A customisable hybrid view - Polar View: A polar chart view - Sky View: A view looking at the horizon - Timeline View: A timeline of satellite passes - DX View: Shows which amateur radio callsigns are visible to the satellite

Last updated: Jun 14, 2013

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