With Cycling the Alps, you can explore the routes of all climbs with many different visual features. When preparing a bike tour, you can explore each climb with Google Maps, Street View, interactive profiles, motorcycle videos, cycling videos, pictures, and more.

With Cesium, Cycling the Alps now offers the possibility to explore each climb in 3D with either OpenStreetMap or satellite maps. This offers a completely new way of exploring the climb. You will see the start and finish points and a dynamic route is built as you travel in between. The Cesium API offers a fantastic new dimension of opportunity for us to create great features that showcase each climb.

Cycling the Alps also presents the routes of the UCI World Tour races like Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta Espagna. With Cesium, you will be able to explore these routes with 3D maps.

Also see the Cycling the Alps migrates to Cesium blog post.

Cycling the alps

Last updated: Feb 06, 2015

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