GeoStrike (Alpha) is an open source, in-browser, georeferenced, multiplayer 3D shooting game. The game is built on open source libraries, standards, and frameworks—including Cesium, 3D Tiles, Angular, and Apollo GraphQL.

Unlike traditional 3D game engines, which model the game world as a simple, virtual, non-georeferenced 3D space, GeoStrike’s 3D game-world can be related to real places in the real world. As a result, real world data can be used to augment the gaming experience, opening the way for new use-cases for this type of game.

The general architecture is a web-oriented microservices architecture. The client app is a single page application (SPA) built with Angular and Cesium. The game itself runs inside Cesium. To bind the two they used angular-cesium. The 3D scene of the game is a composition of three layers—terrain, imagery, and 3D Tiles. The NodeJS game server is in charge of all the game logic that is done in the server side. Apollo GraphQL is used in both the client and the server.

GeoStrike is currently an experimental project, developed by Webiks, a software development company that specializes in high-end data analysis and real-time situational awareness applications, and The Guild, a group of freelance developers who specialize in GraphQL and Cesium. They are the creators of angular-cesium.

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Last updated: Feb 22, 2018

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