Since 2003, Tim Jules Hull, a British computer games developer turned games explorer has been traveling around the world on a motorcycle documenting indigenous games and sports culture.

The intention of the project is to learn about culture through traditional play, capture data, and promote interest in the subject matter. The long term goal is to create a radically interactive museum of indigenous games culture, be that a virtual, mixed, or real space experience.

On his site he records these traditional games and sports through writing, sketches, photos and videos, which include interviews with the games’ participants.

  • Version 1.0 built in 2003 was a Shockwave 3D object with fully interactive and animated 3D globe.

  • Version 2.0 built in 2005 was pure HTML/CSS and did away with 3D since there was no native browser support.

  • Version 3.0 conceived in 2012 and started building in 2018 was only made possible with Cesium.

The aim was to return to a 3D representation of a solo journey around the globe. He wanted Stamen’s watercolor tile set, a polyline representing the journey’s path, and post markers all to be draped over elevation data.

At the outset of this development Cesium was not yet able to make a polyline clamp to ground. So he spent a month or more experimenting with NASA World Wind, but dropped this library due to poor support and technical limitations. In the meantime, Cesium had solved the clamp to ground issue, so he returned to developing with Cesium instead. Cesium ticked all the boxes he required for

  • custom tile source (layers.addImageryProvider + Stamen watercolor)

  • elevation tiles (createWorldTerrain + MapTiler hills)

  • journey path (PolylinesOnTerrain)

  • post map markers (Billboard)

  • clusters (clusterBillboards) and more.

His app also filters post types on the map via switches for categories, and includes a timescrub control allowing visitors to drag the journey start and end dates to update the time sensitive path and markers. He also customized the help popup to match his own GUI style.

Last updated: Apr 02, 2019

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