Built on Cesium, mago3D gives users the ability to view and examine large size BIM (Building Information Modeling) data in a geospatial context. Developed by Gaia3D, mago3D is an open source based GeoBIM platform for managing, handling, and visualizing 3D data from BIM, AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction), GIS, and other sources. With its LOD and culling algorithms, mago3D can quickly display massive and complex 3D objects without losing precision or accuracy. The platform also provides an integrated admin page for tasks such as attribute handling and issue management.


  • manages indoor objects on top of maps
  • integrates indoor and outdoor space on a single web platform
  • supports formats such as IFC, COLLADA DAE, 3DS, OBJ, JT
  • has LOD (level of detail) algorithms suitable for both semantic model (CAD, BIM) and realistic mesh
  • integrates with existing geospatial data

All the source code is available on GitHub.

Last updated: May 09, 2018

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