myCesiumflight is a small flight simulator that allows users to fly anywhere in the world, viewing high-resolution terrain imagery and elevation heightmaps. The code is available on both SourceForge and GitHub.

Inspired by Cesium-based app GEFS Online, developer Chung Nguyen sought to create a flight simulator that similarly took advantage of Cesium’s high-quality rendering but that was easier to play with on a keyboard.

Nguyen had previously programmed a flight simulator, myWebGLflight, using Google static maps’ satellite imagery and the SRTM 1 km resolution height data set. While myWebGLflight was faster, terrain imagery and elevation relief in myCesiumflight are of better quality, are more detailed, and are managed automatically by Cesium.

To improve rendering speed in myCesiumflight, Nguyen used CSSscale: the scene is rendered on a reduced portion of the screen (up to 2x2 times smaller) and then scaled automatically to fullscreen via CSS style attributes. The simulator uses an OpenStreetMap car simulation to retrieve airport names and coordinates for display on the cockpit radar and to send radio messages using a “responsivevoice” free text-to-speech application API.

Last updated: May 12, 2016

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